Carburetor mount, crankshaft pulley, engine block, harmonic balancer, intake crossover tube, intake manifold, intake valve port, left cylinder head, oil filler cap, oil filter, oil pan, right cylinder head, timing chain cover and valve cover. Do these parts sounds familiar to you? As a car owner and driver, you must be familiar with the most important system of car — the engine system. The above-cited parts chiefly compose an engine. Each of those parts serves their own, separate and distinct purposes in order for an engine to work properly. They work hand in hand to produce the power needed by the whole automobile system.

Among them, the intake manifold is one important part that should be regularly checked up for possible damages and malfunctions. Intake manifolds like the Mercedes Benz intake manifold is a system of passages which conducts the fuel mixture from the carburetor to the intake valves of the engine for smooth and even operation of the engine by balancing the strength and quality of the fuel charge that is taken into each cylinder. Likewise, intake manifolds work interdependently with the cylinder heads to regulate the amount of air that comes in of your engine's compression chamber. After which, the mixture of air and fuel that affects compression is now being determined in order to give you the idea how powerful your engine can be.

When looking for replacement Mercedes Benz intake manifold, be sure to have its specifications double checked and have it correlated with the engine specifications to avoid possible negative effects or worse, engine failure. The engine is a very complicated integration of different parts from which each of the parts making it up including an intake manifold can vary in sizes, material and overall performance causing a different reaction or result when not properly matched.

For better picture, the intake manifold is located between a late-model vehicle's throttle body and the cylinder head or heads as the case may be. The manifold allows the air to pass through it going to the combustion chambers. For much older vehicles like the vintage ones, the intake manifold serves as the carburetor's seat where the process of sending both the air and fuel to the cylinder head or heads takes place. Whichever kind of intake manifold you need, be it for the latest models, for the moderately old ones or even for the vintage ones, Parts Train is the answer to your problem. Browse through our easy to use site and look up the intake manifold you need. Order as soon as possible and get your Mercedes Benz Intake Manifold right at your door step in no time at all.