Since Ford debuted in the automotive industry on June 16, 1903; it has a vision of creating outstanding vehicle models that can please buyers from different market segments. Known for models such as Mustang, Ranger, Mondeo, Aerostar, Taurus, Victoria, Focus, Bronco and many more; Ford has struggled hard to give their loyal customers the best vehicles the deserve. Over the years of its existence, Ford became famous as one ultimate vehicle manufacturer due mainly to its dedication and perseverance in introducing world-class cars. Ford is also presently among the most acclaimed automobile manufacturer in the industry.
In its existence in the market, Ford had managed to improve and never stops improving the engineering technology of every vehicle model that comes out of their assembly areas; innovations always have room for Ford vehicles. Ford had, at all times, taken their vehicle's specifications seriously; resulting to Ford models with well-coordinated and especially designed Ford parts. All of these parts are created and assembled to complement each other for guaranteed performance and comfortable cruising. And in this case, all Ford vehicles carry a durable and well-coordinated powerhouse which will typically include intake manifolds.

Intake manifold is a part of an engine that supplies the fuel/air mixture to the cylinders; it is also called an inlet manifold. It works side by side with the exhaust manifold which collects the exhaust gases from the multiple cylinders into one pipe. Basically, the intake manifold is a part of the intake system that is located between the throttle body and the cylinder head. In the intake manifold, air passes to through it to the combustion chambers. This manifold has a manifold vacuum that is being used as a source of automobile ancillary power to drive auxiliary systems. In some engines, specifically multi-point injected engines, intake manifolds holds the fuel injectors.

It is indeed important for your Ford vehicles to have an intake manifold that is durable and reliable since it affects the performance of the engine. So your Ford vehicles must always have a properly functioning Ford intake manifold. Replace damaged intake manifolds immediately; but get intake manifold pieces to reliable dealers only. Here at Parts Train, we have the widest array of durable Ford intake manifolds; and we have a catalogue that offers only intake manifolds with precise OEM standards. Feel free to browse our catalogues and find the specific intake manifolds that fit your Ford vehicles; be it a van, car, SUV or pickup.