Though it is not among the commonly replaced parts in your Buick automobile, Buick intake manifold should be well-maintained and needs to be checked regularly. The intake manifold is a system of channels or passages which delivers the air-fuel mixture from the carburetor in the vehicle to the intake valves of the engine. The flow usually proceeds from the vehicle's throttle body into the chamber dubbed as plenum which feeds the runners that lead to each intake port. If the intake manifold is tuned to optimize the pressure pulses in the vehicle's intake system, the breathing of the engine is significantly improved.

The design of the intake manifold in your Buick automobile greatly influences the engine performance during its operating range. To achieve even and smooth engine operation, the fuel charge received by each cylinder should have the same quality and strength. Hence, the distribution of the fuel must be even. Among the well-known intake manifold designs are single-plane, dual-plane, tunnel ram and intake runner. Intake manifolds are also classified into units for big blocks and small blocks and for street and track applications.

The single-plane intake manifold has the simplest design. It features a plenum, which gets air from all four barrels and delivers the air and fuel mixture to all the cylinders. In this type of intake manifold, the runners typically have one turn and are relatively short than the runners in dual-plane manifold. Single-plane exhaust manifolds work best for high RPM operation that's why it isn't good on mild and meek street engines. The dual-plane intake manifold is called such because it is split down the middle to separate the carb so as to feed four cylinders from two barrels on one side and another four cylinders from the other two barrels on the other side. This type of intake manifold is intended for engines designed to produce lots of torque at low RPM. Hence, they are good enough for carbureted street applications.

When looking for replacement Buick intake manifold, make sure that they are made from good-quality materials and are sourced from reliable auto-part resource. The aftermarket and replacement Buick intake manifold that you'll get should have well-made walls and excellent design to be sure that warping at the gasket mounting surfaces will be prevented. It's way easy to get Buick intake manifold here at Parts Train. You just need a little information about the design of your vehicle's original unit and you can settle your hand on the right replacement. Buick intake manifold design is also important since it tells you what to expect when it comes to its performance.