Car Intake Manifolds

The engine is probably the most important parts of your vehicle. Without it, your car cannot move. The engine is equipped with a number of components that allow it to converting fuel into energy. One of these parts is the intake manifold. In order to work properly, an engine needs to mix sufficient amounts of air and fuel. With ideal fuel-air ratios, the engine will run efficiently. To do this, it needs a high-performance intake component.

The car intake manifold is composed of a system of passages that carry out the fuel-air mixture from the carburetor to the intake valves of the engine. On older vehicles, the manifold is located between the carburetor and the cylinder head or cylinder heads. For L-head engines, it's on the side of the block, while the I-head engine manifold is mounted on the cylinder head. On older models, the carburetor sits on top of the manifold and sends air and fuel to the cylinder head. On multi-point injected engines, the intake part holds the fuel injectors.

Intake manifold design has much to do with the efficient operation of an engine. Each cylinder fuel charge has the same strength and quality. This leads to even fuel distribution in every charge. Dry fuel vapor is a perfect form of fuel charge. Controlling heat exposure is vital in the charge. If the charge is exposed to extreme heat, the power of the engine is compromised because the heat expands. So, it is better to have some of the fuel deposited on the walls of the cylinders and manifold vents. In modern engines, manifolds are specially engineered to allow fuel condensation on the walls. This reduces fuel wastage.

Inevitably, you will have to replace your engine manifold. This will compromise overall engine performance. It commonly fails due to leaks, resulting in engine inefficiency, overheating, and severe part damage. To extend the service life of your part, routine maintenance is a must. If you need a replacement, don't panic. High-quality intake manifolds are just a click away at Parts Train.

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