A corroded Hyundai inner fender is virtually useless, so discard it before it completely falls apart when you're traveling. The inner fender is the protective piece of hardware that's placed between the outer fender and your engine. Contaminants and road debris can easily enter your Hyundai 's essential hardware when the fender cracks. Do not delay replacing the poor existing part to avoid paying for pricey repair costs in the future.

Just forget about restoring your old stock inner fender if it's clearly in poor condition as it's certain to have more problems soon. Purchase a top-quality replacement rather than a shoddy one, which would only crack sooner than you think. To save money, it's best to perform the replacement task alone instead of driving your Hyundai to the repair garage. There are several styles of Hyundai inner fenders out there nowadays, so consult your vehicle's guidebook for the precise specifications.

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