Do not be surprised when your Eagle inner fender finally breaks as it's subjected to plenty of damaging elements on the road. The inner fender is the piece of hardware that divides your outer fender and the engine. Other parts of your Eagle could get severely damaged by flying debris if you really keep on driving with your broken inner fender. Do not delay getting rid of the poor stock fender to prevent spending on pricey repair costs down the road.

Better forget about restoring that aged stock inner fender if it's clearly in poor condition since it is bound to have more issues real soon. Invest in a top-quality replacement fender rather than a run-of-the-mill one, which would only go bad really sooner than you'd think. As long as you've got sufficient DIY experience and the appropriate tools, replacement in your Eagle really should be uncomplicated. There are several styles of Eagle inner fenders on the market today, so refer to your ride's guidebook for the precise specifications.

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