The ignition system of your engine is responsible for the timely burning of the fuel/ air mixture. It is where all engine's systems and sub-systems are put together thru a perfectly timed spark. Its prime goal is to produce a good spark to ignite the fuel/air mixture at the right time to gain maximum engine power, increased fuel economy, and better emissions. But if the ignition fires at a wrong time, an appreciable drop in engine performance will prevail. That is why in order to provide optimal ignition functions, all its components must constantly be at their top conditions such as the Volvo ignition wire set. This plays an important role of harnessing the high voltages to the spark plugs every time the engine is started

The Volvo ignition wire set allows the spark plug to generate an electrical energy useful for igniting the fuel/air mixture. This is connected to the spark plugs and distributor or ignition coils. When a high voltage pulse is created by the coil, this travels down to the ignition wires and then it is directed to the spark plug at the correct cylinders. The ignition wires ensure that the high voltage is conducted and freely distributed to the spark plug, allowing it to generate a perfect spark.

Since the ignition wires constantly carries the high voltage, over time, some of its wires may lose their insulations and thus, causing irregularities in its proper operations. As a result, the high voltage may be directed elsewhere, causing misfires, busted spark plugs, and a rough running engine. But because it is difficult to detect ignition wire's condition since its insulation and core are hidden beneath ignition wire surface, it is best to have it inspected and tested by a qualified service technician.

The Volvo ignition wire set is designed to maximize your engine's performance. High manufacturing technology, as well as superior performance components is employed to provide you peak ignition functions. It has built-in resistance and allows more electrical power to flow and be conducted than any other ignition wires. It ensures that the output voltage is efficiently transferred to the spark plugs. With this geared in your Volvo, you will get best performance from your engine, especially as its load increases when driving at highway speeds, hill climbing, and when towing heavy loads. As a result, improved horsepower, torque, increased fuel mileage and emissions are achieved.

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