The ignition system brings your Volkswagen's engine and sub-systems together thru a perfectly timed spark. It works in good coordination with the rest of the engine mechanisms. Its prime goal is to ignite the fuel/air mixture by creating a good and timely spark. This is needed to gain more power from the engine with increased fuel mileage and better emission. If the ignition system fires at the wrong time, an appreciable drop in engine performance will result. For this reason that all ignition components must function at their peak to achieve maximum ignition operations. One vital ignition component is the Volkswagen ignition wire set. This constantly harnesses the high voltage to the spark plug every time the engine is started.

The spark plug is an integral ignition device threaded in the cylinder head that carries the electrical energy used in igniting the fuel/air mixture. In order to create energy for a good spark, it relies mainly on the Volkswagen ignition wire set. This is the set of high performance wires that has the capacity to carry the high voltage efficiently to the spark plug. This is connected to the spark plugs and the ignition coils or distributor. All ignition wires have inherent built-in resistance depending on the wire design and material. But the principal idea is that, the lower the resistance, the more electrical current can flow through the wire.

The Volkswagen ignition wire set can carry virtually any voltage, conducting it better than a carbon core wire will do. It can efficiently transfer the output voltage to the spark plugs so an improved performance is given. As the engine load increases, towing heavy loads, or hill climbing, this ignition wires can sufficiently sustain needed current and therefore, as an effect, increased horsepower, torque, fuel economy, and better emission is achieved.

Have your ignition wires inspected regularly to make sure that its insulation and connections are secure. As the wires ages and due to constant pressure in carrying the high voltage, some of its wires may render useless and after a while, would no longer be able to distribute needed current to the spark plugs. Also check its insulation for cuts or breaks, which may lead eventually to its breakdown. To make sure, have it inspected and tested by a qualified service technician. And if a replacement is needed, the Volkswagen ignition wire set is the perfect restoration to have,

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