Suzuki is just one of the many popular automobile makers that massively produced top notch models that provide performance, sophistication, safety, and ruggedness, all in one vehicle. In order to provide superb vehicle power, high precision auto parts, and mechanisms are integrated and precision engineered. One vital automotive mechanism is the ignition system. This plays a critical role in the engine's performance, allowing it to generate more power while producing lesser pollution. Before the vehicle can start its normal operation, it must first be cranked via the ignition system thru a perfectly timed spark. It employs several ignition devices to achieve this and among them is the Suzuki ignition wire set.

The Suzuki ignition wire set forms an indispensable part of the ignition system. It is designed to provide an insulated passageway to carry the high voltage to the spark plug constantly every time the engine is started. The spark plug is the electrical device located on the cylinder head which carries the electrical energy and enables the engine to start its combustion process. Its efficiency relies mainly on the ignition wires. The spark plug forces the high voltage to arc across the gap between the rotor and the contact. It carries a high voltage, at approximately 40,000 to 100,000 volts. For this reason that the ignition wire is needed to carry and route this high voltage down to the electrode, where it can jump the gap and be conducted into the engine block and be grounded.

Through the Suzuki ignition wire set, the high voltage is able to be carried and directed to the spark plug, allowing it to generate a good spark. But since it constantly endures the strain from high voltages, in time, its deterioration will gradually occur. The ignition wire's insulation can become brittle and after a while breaks will appear. Also, some of the insulated wires can be damaged and surely will result to failure in the ignition system. Its failure can cause engine misfires, busted spark plug, and a rough running engine.

All these problems can happen but can be prevented. It is best to plan ahead by following some preventive maintenance. If you have any doubts of your ignition wire's condition, have it checked and tested by a qualified service technician. If damaged wires were confirmed, have it replaced at once. The Suzuki ignition wire set comes as a complete set of hardware that will restore proper ignition operation in your vehicle.

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