Before the engine in your Saturn can start its combustion operations, it must first be cranked via the ignition system. This is an integral system wherein a perfectly timed spark is created. This is essential for efficient engine combustion as well as producing a little less pollution. It works with the help of its various ignition components and one of this is the spark plug. This is the electrical device located in the cylinder head which carries electrical energy. This energy is needed by the engine in order for the fuel to be converted into a useful mechanical energy. But to enable the spark plug to create a sufficient electrical energy, it relies mainly on the Saturn ignition wire set. This is the set of insulated conductive wires that harnesses the high voltage to travel down the spark plug.

The Saturn ignition wire set is specifically connected to the spark plugs and the distributor or ignition coils. It is capable of carrying and channeling the high voltage into the spark plug every time the engine is started. The spark plug works by forcing this electricity to arc across a gap and generate a spark. The voltage it carries can range from 40,000 to 100,000 volts that is why it must have an insulated passageway so that the high voltage can be directed down to the electrode, wherein it can jump the gap and allow it to be conducted into the engine block. The ignition wire will ensure that the high voltage from the spark plug will remain stable and be distributed in the entire ignition system for proper engine operations.

The Saturn ignition wire set should be routinely replaced as a set at recommended intervals since the internal condition of each individual ignition wire is unpredictable. Due to their constant strain to high voltages, break down of their insulation materials can occur and can cause some of the ignition wires to fail. It must also be inspected and tested to always benefit from its efficiency. Break down in the ignition wires will lead the electricity to be directed elsewhere and will result to engine misfiring, fouled spark plug, rough running, poor acceleration, decreased fuel mileage, and poor emissions.

When the ignition wire show signs of physical damage such as cracks, cuts, grooves, and marks due to burning, it must be replaced to prevent further malfunctions and inconveniences as well. When choosing the right replacement, it is best to have the precise ignition wire set that is designed solely for your Saturn model application such as the Saturn ignition wire set.

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