An ignition wire set such as the Hyundai ignition wire set is an aftermarket product that can be purchased to replace the ignition wires of an automobile. Generally speaking, an ignition wire set is comprised of a complete set of wires used in an ignition system. These wires are not ordinary wires. These wires are designed to carry high voltage of electricity with very minimal resistant. Ignition wires are comprised of highly conductive metal alloys that allow the smooth flow of high voltage electrical current without generating heat. These wires are also insulated by at least three layers of insulation materials.

Typically, the first layer of insulation is a fiber glass-laden or ceramic-laden fabric. This layer of insulation prevents any heat from escaping the wires. The second layer of insulation is asbestos or any fire proof materials. This layer is intended to contain sparks and static electricity that can start a fire. Finally, the third layer of insulation is silicone rubber. This layer insures that high voltage electricity will be properly contained. Aside from preventing short circuits or potential electrocution, the multiple layers of insulations are intended to prevent the transmission of radio frequency waves. Radio frequency waves can interfere with the normal electronic and electrical functions of the automobile. The interference can wreck havoc on the on board computer of the vehicle.

Radio frequency waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. These waves are generated when an electrical and magnetic fields that are parallel to each other oscillate. An ignition wire caries high voltage electricity. This high voltage electricity induces a magnetic field. At the same time, the wire also emits an electrical field. These two fields are parallel to each other. Oscillation of these fields occurs because of the rapid but transient on/off cycle of electrical distribution to the sparkplugs. As the distributor rotor spins, high voltage electricity is sequentially and rapidly distributed to the sparkplugs, causing oscillations. However, the radio frequency waves are of low intensity. Hence, they can be isolated by the insulation layers.

Ignition wires connect the different components of the ignition system. Technically speaking, however, ignition wires are synonymous with sparkplug wires. Some definitions limit the term ignition wire to sparkplug wires. Nonetheless, this does not change the fact that sparkplug wires are very similar to other wires of the ignition system, with the exception of the special attachment components of the sparkplug wires. If you are looking for aftermarket ignition wire sets that are at the level of automobile industry's quality standards, Parts Train is the online store that you should do your shopping.