An ignition wire set such as the Honda ignition wire set generally refers to the complete set of wires that can be found in an ignition system. It is the set of wires that connects the different parts of the ignition system. Basically, the ignition wire set includes all wires that are part of the ignition system. On the other hand, a more narrow definition of ignition wire set is limited only to the sparkplug wires. Nonetheless, other wires of the ignition system are very similar to the sparkplug wires. Typically, a common ignition wire is highly conductive and has multiple layers of insulation. The first layer of insulation is typically a fibrous layer of asbestos or other heat resistant materials. Bits of ceramics or fiber glass plastic comprise the second layer of insulation. Finally, the third layer of insulation is comprised of rubber silicone.

The multiple layers of insulation are intended not only to prevent short circuit or electrocution, but also to prevent the emission of radio frequency wave interference. The electronic components of the vehicle such as the onboard computer and electronic sensors can be drastically affected by radio wave emission from the ignition wires. Radio wave frequency can be produced by the ignition wires through the oscillations high voltage electricity and electromagnetic fields. A magnetic field is produced by the high voltage electricity flowing on the ignition wires. The ignition wires also produce electric fields which are perpendicular to the magnetic fields. The oscillations of these two fields produce radio waves. The rapid succession of on/off distribution of high voltage electricity produces results in the oscillations of the magnetic and electrical fields.

Ignition wires connect the different components of the ignition system. Ignition wires connect the batteries to the ignition switch. From the ignition switch, ignition wires run to the starter motor and ignition coil. The ignition coil is a simple step up transformer. From the ignition coil, ignition wires run to the distributor. The distributor is a special type of rotary is responsible for the correct distribution of electricity to the sparkplugs. Individual sparkplugs are connected to the distributor cap via the ignition wires. Inside the distributor cap, carbon conductors can be found that correspond to individual sparkplugs.

High voltage electricity can easily melt ordinary wires. However, although ignition wires are not ordinary wires, they are still susceptible to deterioration. Corrosion or overheating may cause an ignition wire to be less effective. When it is time to replace the ignition wire of your vehicle, you can rely on Parts Train to provide you with the best aftermarket replacement.