An ignition wire set like the Geo ignition wire set can be purchased as an aftermarket product. It is a complete collection of wires that connect the different parts of the ignition system. An ignition wire is a special type of wire that has multi-layers of insulations. Generally speaking, the ignition wire set includes all other wires that are part of the ignition system. On the other hand, the more strict definition of an ignition wire set only includes the sparkplug wires. However, for the sake of discussion, the ignition wire set being discussed in this article covers all other wires that are included in the ignition system. The ignition system of an automobile is the one responsible for starting combustion and sustaining combustion. It operates using electrical power.

At the start of ignition, electrical power is derived from the automobile batteries. The automobile batteries, however, do not have enough voltage to produce sparks in the sparkplugs. Hence, the electrical current from the batteries is first amplified several times before being channeled to the other components of the ignition system. Amplifying the electrical current from the batteries is the task of the ignition coil. The ignition coil is actually a simple step-up transformer that is comprised of two solenoid coils wound around a common iron core. Electricity is amplified through electromagnetic induction. Typically, the input coil has greater number of windings than the output coil. This produces strong magnetic field, which, in turn, induces strong electrical current in the second coil.

Ignition wires connect the ignition coil to the starter motor and to the distributor. In order for the engine to begin a sustained combustion, the crankshaft must be rotating. Initial rotation is powered by the starter motor. The starter motor is an electric motor that initiates crankshaft rotation. Since combustion is not yet occurring, the engine has no source of power. If the crankshaft is not rotating, compression and fuel injections are not possible. The starter motor makes combustion possible. During the early development of the automobile, the crankshaft was connected to a crank lever in front of the vehicle. The driver needed to manually operate this lever to start the automobile. However, with the integration of the starter motor, starting an automobile had become automated.

Another ignition wire connects the ignition coil to the distributor. The distributor is a special type of switch that is responsible for the correct sequence and timing of ignition. From the distributor, several ignition wires branch out. Each ignition wire corresponds to an individual sparkplug. Maintaining the integrity of the ignition wire set is crucial in maintaining a reliable and efficient combustion. Here at Part Train, we offer high quality aftermarket ignition wire sets for different types, make or model of automobile.