Starting your Dodge's operations is made possible thru its ignition system. This is what triggers your engine to start its combustion process and enable your vehicle to run. This is done by producing a perfectly timed spark that will ignite the fuel and air mixture at exactly the right instant. This is necessary so that the engine can generate maximum horsepower, torque, increased fuel economy, and emission. Its failure can cause an appreciable drop in engine performance. For this reason, all ignition components must execute their functions in perfect coordination with each other. One of its critical components is the Dodge ignition wire set. This is responsible for harnessing the high voltage to the spark plug.

The job of the Dodge ignition wire set is to conduct the high energy power to the spark plug without leaking out. This is designed to carry 20,000 to more than 50,000 volts, in order for the spark plug to create a good spark. It is capable of enduring the heat from the running engine as well as the extreme environmental changes. To be able to perform its job efficiently, this ignition wires are fairly thick, with most of that thickness goes from its insulation with a thin conductor running at its center. But eventually, this insulation succumbs to damaging elements and engine heat. Over time, it hardens and gets brittle and after a while it breaks down. This can be corrected by replacing it.

The ignition wires are placed around the engine carefully. Plastic clips are often used to keep them separated, preventing them from making contact. This is not always necessary especially if the wires are new, but as they ages, cracks on the insulation are most likely to happen and current begins to leak and possible crossfire on damp days will surely cause hard starting or a rough running engine.

The Dodge ignition wire set is made to be mounted from the distributor cap to the spark plugs in a systematic order. This is called the "firing order" and is specifically part of the engine design. Every spark plug must be able to fire only at the end of the compression stroke. Each cylinder has a compression stroke at a varied time, so it is must for every single ignition wire to be routed to the correct cylinder.

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