Before the engine can start its combustion process, it must first be triggered via the ignition system. This is responsible for the timely burning of the fuel and air mixture through a perfectly timed spark. A good and timely spark is needed so that the engine can work at its peak potential, providing more horsepower, torque, increased fuel economy, and emissions. Its efficiency is derived from all its working ignition components, including the Chrysler ignition wire set. This is designed to carry the electrical voltage from the ignition system to the spark plug. It is made to have a very low resistance in order to carry more high voltage current, allowing the spark plug to produce a high energy spark.

The ignition wires have a lot to do with how your vehicle performs. Obviously, its absence will mean that your vehicle will not run. In the most basic sense, the ignition wires are the ones responsible for conducting the high voltage from the ignition mechanism to the spark plug, enabling it to generate high energy spark. It also protects this high voltage by providing an effective insulation so as to carry virtually any voltage.

One of the things that are usually replaced when doing a tune-up is the ignition wires. This is due to its constant harnessing of high voltage and also normal wear. As it ages, its insulation gets brittle and eventually leading to its breakdown. When this happens, the current that it carries can be re-directed elsewhere and result to engine misfiring, busted spark plug, and rough running engine. Since ignition wire condition is hard to detect, it is best to have it thoroughly check by an auto expert for possible replacement.

The Chrysler ignition wire set will complete high voltage distribution to the spark plugs giving you its longevity, durability, and efficiency. Though there may be wide options of ignition wires available in the market, still it is best to be equipped with a highly reliable one designed exactly for your model's use. This can easily be installed with custom-tailored set of wires, high performance conductors, and better insulation. Get improved performance from your vehicle's ignition thru this fully functional ignition wire.

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