To bring out the best in your car, a tune up is necessary. And one of the best ways to do this is through keeping an excellent car ignition system. And what do we usually think of when ignition is being talked about? The spark plugs and the spark plug wires of course. The spark plug wires or the ignition wires are the ones that connect the spark plug to the distributor or ignition coils. They are a different set of wires in the sense that they are built to have a lot of resistance which is necessary in the reduction of radio static that the ignition system produces. It is a big NO to replace the resistance wires with non resistance wires unless your ignition system is designed for them.

Modern ignition systems with the resistance as part of the circuit will be damaged when paired with non-resistance ignition wires. Spark plug wires have high voltage insulation to carry the 30, 000 volts or higher voltage of the ignition. You must keep your ignition wires in your Cadillac clean. Know that a thing film of dirt can form on the exterior of the plug wires and around ignition boots at the ends of the wires which while exposed to moisture can form conductive path to the high voltage. This conductive path can drain away the current that should go to the spark plug. This trouble is most likely to be encountered if your car misses out or runs rough only in a damp weather.

Testing is also needed with the ignition wires. It is quite possible to find a resistance rating for the spark plug wires if the factory manual is available. The resistance rating may be 1000 — 4000 ohms per foot. From end to end, you can gauge the ignition wire's resistance and learn whether they are within specifications if you can use the ohm meter. You may as well perform an inspection for corrosion. Insulation on ignition wires can break down and they can arc to ground other wires. Faulty ignition wires can negatively affect the performance of the ignition system. Hence, you must maintain the ignition wires in a perfect shape so they can seamlessly perform their task of igniting the air fuel ration and transferring the heat from the combustion chamber and carrying the electrical energy.

It is however to be expected that just like other components in the ignition system, the spark plug wires will wear out or become faulty. It seems impossible to detect the damage with the ignition wires since it could be hidden underneath the surface. So it is recommended that you replace the whole set of ignition wires. For all your replacement needs, Parts Train is here to assist you. We have a complete line of Cadillac replacement parts such as the Cadillac ignition wire set. They are all guaranteed to be available in stock for fast and safe shopping.