The BMW ignition wire set is designed to carry the electrical voltage from the ignition system to the spark plug. It is deliberately built to have extremely low resistance to allow the maximum amount of energy to be transferred. Such energy transfer can be interrupted by a number of factors. Topping the list, the spark plug wires can disconnect from the spark plug terminal because of the increased pressure if the combustion gases leak past the spark plug. Either way, the opposite thing can occur and the gases can cause the spark plug and the spark wire terminal to corrode and fuse together.

Also, the moisture can cause arcing if it becomes trapped in the spark plug hole or between the spark plug and the spark plug wire. This must be prevented as this can lead to permanent damage to the spark plug wires and potentially the spark plug as well. Moreover, the silicone insulation can be deteriorated in the presence of routing spark plug wires in areas with too much heat.

Care must be taken seriously when trying to remove the ignition wire. Instead of pulling the wire, grasp the spark plug boot firmly and gently detach. To prevent the connectors from becoming loose, make certain that the engine is cold. And because of the unpredictability of the internal condition of the ignition wire, it is recommended that you replace the item as a set. Yes, it is sad to know that troubles with the ignition wire are hidden hence; the best thing to do is to have it replaced with a complete set. There are wires that fail from the inside resulting from breakdown of the insulation materials.

It is likewise advised that ignition wire set be diagnosed and tested each time a rough or erratic idle takes place or when there is a presence of poor acceleration, decrease in fuel mileage, and finally when it fails an emission test as a result of high hydrocarbon emissions or cylinder misfire fault code. In addition, an indication of physical damage within the ignition wire like a cut, groove or mark from chafing or scorch mark from burning must prompt you to replace the wire set right away as preventive maintenance.

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