Once you turn the ignition key, the ignition module of your Pontiac is responsible for delivering alerts directly from the sensor to the coil, so the spark plugs could work in perfect timing. Essentially, the Pontiac ignition module switches on and off the coil-that is why when the module is on the fritz, your automobile will surely experience a hard time cranking up and suffer from many other ignition problems.

A malfunctioning ignition module of your Pontiac may be blamed once your own car all of a sudden hesitates or performs erratically. So you'll be sure that the performance problems of your vehicle is caused by a busted Pontiac ignition module, rule out other likely reasonslike foul spark plugs and a dying car battery. The module can be checked via handy repair tools, for instance, test kit and ohm meter that can help confirm deterioration. If you have to have a replacement ignition module, get one which is uniquely made for your Pontiac to enjoy easier assembly and also excellent performance.

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