The ignition coil acts as a route for the electricity that flows from the battery into the plugs, making it a very important part of your Volvo 262's ignition system. If your Volvo 262 ignition coil fails, you're going to have to deal with plenty of possible problems, ranging from an engine that stalls to black exhaust gas.

Built to deal with loads of electricity, this part is made of a sturdy material. Several signs will start to show once your Volvo 262's ignition coil fails, which includes poor gas mileage, an auto engine that stalls, and a car exhaust that backfires. The only surefire way to figure out if the ignition wire for your car is to be blamed for all these problems is to test it with a multimeter. The multimeter is also referred to as a multitester, and is basically used to test an assortment of mechanisms that use electricity. Take a closer look at the results; if the results go beyond the normal range according to the multitester's scale, then you really need to replace your car's ignition wires.

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