The ignition coil mainly serves as a path way for the current that flows from the battery into the spark plugs, making it a crucial part of your Volvo 245's engine ignition system. You'll definitely have to deal with various car trouble when your Volvo 245 ignition coil malfunctions.

Manufactured to handle regular exposure to electricity, this auto part is built of a durable material. Your Volvo 245's coil is manufactured to tough it out but regular use will wear it down, and tell-tale signs like difficulty in jumpstarting the engine, stalling engine, a decline in gas mileage, a misfiring engine, and back-firing exhaust will eventually lead to a busted coil. The only surefire way to figure out if the coil for your auto is to be blamed for these problems is to plug it into a multitester. Made to measure voltage, electric current, and resistance, a multi-meter is the device you need when dealing with electrical trouble with your ride. Look at the results; if they is beyond the normal range according to the multi-tester's scale, then you'll need to replace your Volvo 245's ignition coils.

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