This part serves as a route for the current that flows through from the car battery into the spark plugs, making it a crucial part of your Volvo's engine ignition system. You'll definitely encounter a variety of car trouble if your Volvo ignition coil stops working.

Each time you start the car engine, electricity flows through the coil, exposing it to electricity on almost a daily basis, so that's why this component has to be manufactured from a sturdy material. Your auto's coil is manufactured to tough it out but daily use will definitely take its toll, and tell-tale signs like difficulty in getting the engine started, engine stalling, poor fuel mileage, misfiring, and back firing exhaust will sooner or later lead to a busted ignition coil. To know if the ignition wire for your car is in need of a replacement, make use of a multimeter to determine if the proper amount of current goes through this part. The multimeter is also known as a multitester, and is mainly used to test various mechanisms that depend on electricity. You'll definitely know that something is wrong with your Volvo's ignition coils if the multimeter results display a measurement that isn't within the usual range.

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