To start the car engine, it requires an ignition coil, a wire that transfers current from the car battery into the plugs. It's possible for your vehicle engine to sputters or to emit black exhaust gas when the Volkswagen Touareg ignition coil begins to break down.

This part is built to withstand regular exposure to electricity. Over time however, it will fail and your auto will actually start to display tell-tale signs; engine stalling, backfiring, engine start up failure, poor gas mileage, and misfiring cylinders especially when you're going fast are quite common if the ignition wire is starting to fail. A multitester is definitely a practical device when trying to verify if the ignition coil for your Volkswagen Touareg is still working properly. This tool, also referred to as a multitester, is mainly used to measure resistance, electric current, and voltage. Look at the results; if they exceed the normal range according to the multi-tester's scale, then you really need to fix or replace your Volkswagen Touareg's ignition coils.

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