This component acts as a path way for the current that flows from the car battery into the spark plugs, making it an important component of your Volkswagen R32's engine ignition system. If your Volkswagen R32 ignition coil stops working, you will have to deal with plenty of possible problems, ranging from an engine that stalls to black exhaust gas.

Every time you start the car engine, electricity travels through the ignition wire, exposing it to electricity on a regular basis, so this is why this auto part has to be built from a tough material. Several signs will show when your auto's ignition wire breaks down, which includes poor fuel economy, an engine that stalls, and an exhaust that backfires. Your multimeter is definitely a useful gadget when you're trying to check if the coil is still working. Made to determine the amount of voltage, electric current, and resistance, a multitester is what you need when tackling electrical problems with your vehicle. Look at the results; if the results exceed the usual range based on the multi-tester's scale, then you'll have to change your car's ignition wires.

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