Quicker ignition is possible if you equip your vehicle with a reliable Volkswagen Dasher ignition coil that's proficient at transmitting good sparks into the cylinders. This ignition part accomplishes its duty effectively with the assistance of two coils of wire within it which is called primary and secondary windings.

Since they deal with heat from the flow of current, ignition coils are provided with oil to make them stay on the proper temperature. No matter how hard-wearing they are, such coils will finally get damaged after a while and if it happens, they definitely will lose their ability to efficiently supply quality spark into the engine, thus resulting in engine missing and also stalling right after it's warmed up to its working temparature, as well as difficulty to start your engine. When you suspect that ignition coil on your Volkswagen Dasher to be the source of such complication, you must diagnose it initially before you choose to change it.

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