To be able to start the engine, it needs an ignition coil, a coil that transfers current from the car battery into the spark plugs. It's highly possible for your vehicle engine to actually stall or to produce black exhaust gas if the Volkswagen ignition coil begins to break down.

The ignition coil is built to resist daily exposure to electric current. A series of signs will show if your auto's ignition wire breaks down, such as poor fuel economy, a car engine that sputters, and an exhaust that back-fires. The only definitive way to figure out if the coil for your auto is what's causing all these problems is to test it with a multi-meter. This tool, also called as a multitester, is used to measure resistance, electric current, and voltage. If the testing results displayed go beyond the normal range, then it means your Volkswagen's ignition coils are absolutely in dire need of a replacement.

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