For your vehicle to start up properly and take you to your destination at any time you want to, its engine requires good sparks that only a top quality Toyota Echo ignition coil can provide. This ignition component does its job proficiently by using two coils of wire in it which is dubbed as primary and secondary windings.

The flow of current creates heat that those iginiton coils have to withstand, that's the reason they normally are filled with oil, which makes them cool. No matter how durable they are, these coils will finally become defective after a while and once this occurs, they sure will lose their ability to proficiently offer good spark to the engine, therefore leading to engine missing and stalling after it's warmed up to its operating temperature, along with difficulty to start the engine. If such symptoms are evident, examine the ignition coil of your Toyota Echo immediately and if it is actually the reason, don't ever think twice in replacing it.

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