This component mainly serves as a route for the current that flows from the battery into the spark plugs, making it a crucial part of your Saab 9000's ignition. It's possible for your car engine to actually stall or to release black exhaust gas once the Saab 9000 ignition coil begins to break down.

This component is built to endure daily exposure to electricity. A variety of symptoms will show if your auto's ignition wire fails, which includes poor fuel economy, a car engine that misfires and stalls, and an exhaust system that backfires. To determine if the ignition coil is in dire of a replacement, use a multimeter to determine if the right amount of electric current travels through this component. This gadget, also known as a multitester, is mainly used to measure resistance, current, and voltage. If the multimeter results shown aren't within the regular range, then this probably means your Saab 9000's ignition coils are certainly in urgent need of a replacement.

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