To be able to start the car engine, it needs an ignition coil, a wire that routes current from the battery into the plugs. If your Porsche 912 ignition coil stops working, you'll have to deal with lots of possible car trouble, ranging from an engine that stalls to black exhaust gas.

This component is built to resist lots of exposure to electricity. Your Porsche 912's ignition wire is made to tough it out but regular use will definitely wear it out, and signs such as difficulty in jumpstarting the engine, engine stalling, poor fuel mileage, engine misfire, and a backfiring exhaust will eventually point out to a busted ignition wire. To figure out if the ignition wire for your car is in need of a replacement, test it with a multimeter to see if the proper amount of electricity travels through this component. This device, also known as a multitester, is basically used to determine the amount of resistance, electricity, and voltage. Take a good look at the results; if the results go beyond the normal range according to the multitester's scale, then you'll need to fix or replace your car's ignition wires.

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