If the ignition coil on your Pontiac G8 is worn, then you're definitely on the right track because you paid us a visit. Here at Parts Train, we always have a low-cost and premium-quality aftermarket Pontiac G8 ignition coil in our catalog. The first thing that activates when you start your vehicle is the ignition system, and this is exactly why you should have premium-quality parts if you want no big problems. It's unforgiveable to have a faulty Pontiac G8 ignition coil, because this is the key to your ignition system's function and will determine if you'll be on your way.

An OE Pontiac G8 ignition coil normally fails due to high temperature, excessive vibrations, and high voltage caused by fouled spark plugs. You should not hesitate to throw out your ignition coil as soon as you diagnose that there's something going wrong.

Our catalog for Pontiac G8 parts carries 200 aftermarket ignition coils that include all common designs, and are available individually or in sets. As long as you give us the right specifications of your ride, then you should not have a problem installing your brand new Pontiac G8 ignition coil. With crazy markdowns on the biggest names in the game that include Beck Arnley, Accel, and AC Delco, you're bound to get the best deal here-so order today!