This component acts as a pathway for the current that flows from the main source into the spark plugs, making it a crucial part of your Oldsmobile Alero's ignition system. You'll definitely have to deal with a variety of car trouble if your Oldsmobile Alero ignition coil fails.

Built to handle regular exposure to electricity, the ignition coil is built of a durable material. Your car's ignition wire is made to tough it out but regular use will definitely take its toll, and symptoms such as difficulty in starting the engine, engine stalling, poor mileage, misfiring, and a backfiring exhaust will most likely lead to a busted ignition coil. A multi-meter is definitely a practical tool when trying to check if the ignition coil for your Oldsmobile Alero is still in excellent working condition. Manufactured to measure the amount of voltage, current, and resistance, a multimeter is what you need when tackling electrical problems with your vehicle. If the results indicated go beyond the normal range, then this means your Oldsmobile Alero's ignition coils are certainly in need of a replacement.

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