For your ride to start well and get you to places at any time you want to, your engine wants sound sparks that only a quality Nissan 350z ignition coil can provide. The said ignition part accomplishes its duty proficiently with the assistance of the rings of wire in it which is called primary and secondary windings.

Since they work with heat from the flow of current, automotive ignition coils are equipped with oil to help keep them at the correct temperature. Regardless of how durable they can be, such coils will finally become defective after long years in service and once this happens, they definitely will lose their capability to proficiently deliver healthy spark into the engine, hence causing engine missing and stalling after it has warmed up to its working temparature, along with difficulty in starting the engine. In case the said symptoms are usually evident, check the ignition coil on your Nissan 350z immediately and if it's truly the root cause, do not think twice in putting in a new one.

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