If you've been having problems starting up your Mini, and you believe it to be the ignition coil, then we are the right ones for the job. Here at Parts Train, we have a reasonably priced and top-quality aftermarket Mini ignition coil in our catalog. Many vehicle owners have problems starting because they do not pay one bit of attention to the ignition system. Your Mini ignition coil is one of your system's premier components, and you need it to be in top shape before you can get that spark.

An original Mini ignition coil normally wears due to unusually high temperature, intense vibrations, and voltage overload caused by bad spark plugs. Throw out your worn ignition coil as soon as humanly possible so you don't get inconvenienced one morning when your ride doesn't start.

Our Mini catalog features 200 coils with coil pack, canister, in-cap coil, e-core, and c-core designs, and are sold individually or in sets of six or eight. All you've got to do is fill in your ride's generation model and you can have a 100% fit for the Mini ignition coil you order. Expect rock-bottom prices on products from first-classbrands such as Replacement, Accel, Prenco when you place your order today.