To be able to spark a car's fuel inside the Mercury Topaz's combustion engine, you need a fully functioning ignition system to to start a combustion cycle. To actually get the required volts from the electric battery to open up your engine, your vehicle uses an induction coil that increases the voltage in order to burn gasoline. Every Mercury Topaz ignition coil is consistently subjected to extreme voltages that may result in inevitable deterioration forcing yourself to change these in time.

Anyone may check your Mercury Topaz's induction coil easily as most of those are located close to the spark plug or even the engine. Whenever ones Mercury Topaz proceeds to suffer from difficulties running, you need to look at the ignition system for all signs of damage and change certain pieces that are currently worn out. It can be hard for beginners to pin down ignition issues onto a certain component in the system so it might be advisable to check with a mechanic instead.

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