Your car's ignition coil is responsible for relaying power from the car batt into the ignition plugs to be able to start your Mercury Marquis. It's possible for your car engine to actually stall or to release black exhaust gas once the Mercury Marquis ignition coil starts to malfunction.

This part is manufactured to withstand regular exposure to electricity. A series of tell-tale signs will start to show once your auto's ignition wire fails, including poor fuel economy, an auto engine that stalls, and an exhaust system that back fires. A multimeter is a very helpful gadget if you're trying to verify if the coil is still working properly. The multimeter is also referred to as a multitester, and is basically used to test an assortment of contraptions that use electricity. If the results indicated are not within the usual range, then this means your Mercury Marquis coils are certainly in dire need of a replacement.

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