If you're having starting problems with your Mercury Mariner, and you identify it to be the ignition coil, then we're definitely the right people for the job. Here with us, you won't get anything short of a low priced Mercury Mariner ignition coil. Your ride's ignition system is where it all really begins, and having high-quality components is vital to a flawless driving experience. Your Mercury Mariner ignition coil is one of your system's premier components, and you need it to be in perfect condition before you can hit the road.

A stock Mercury Mariner ignition coil normally fails due to unusually high temperature, excessive vibrations, and dangerously high voltage caused by fouled spark plugs. You shouldn't hesitate to throw out your ignition coil if you find out that there's something wrong with it.

Our Mercury Mariner product catalog features more than 200 aftermarket coils with coil pack, canister, in-cap coil, e-core, and c-core designs, and are sold individually or in sets of six or eight. All you've got to do is send us your vehicle's specs and you can have a direct fit for the Mercury Mariner ignition coil you purchase. With crazy markdowns on the best in the industry such as Beck Arnley, Accel, and Prestolite, you're bound to get an unbeatable deal here-so place an order today!