Speedier ignition is possible if you provide your vehicle with a quality Lexus Sc400 ignition coil that's proficient at delivering quality sparks to the cylinders. The said coil has the ability to generate the current required by the engine, many thanks to both sets of windings making it up.

The flow of electricity creates heat that your iginiton coils have to endure, that's the reason they're usually packed with oil, which helps make them cool. Irrespective of how sturdy they may be, these coils will eventually become defective after many years in service and if this happens, they sure will lose their ability to efficiently deliver quality spark to the engine, thus leading to engine missing as well as stalling after it's heated up to its working temparature, and difficulty in starting your engine. If these signs and symptoms are noticeable, check out the ignition coil of your Lexus Sc400 at once and if it's truly the reason, do not think twice in getting it substituted.

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