This part mainly serves as a route for the electricity that flows from the battery into the plugs, making it an important part of your Lexus Rx350's ignition. It's possible for your vehicle engine to actually stall or to release black exhaust gas when the Lexus Rx350 ignition coil begins to break down.

Each time you switch on the car engine, electricity flows through the ignition wire, exposing it to electricity on a regular basis, so that is why this component has to be made from a sturdy material. Several signs will start to show if your Lexus Rx350's coil breaks down, which includes poor gas mileage, an engine that stalls, and an exhaust that back-fires. The multimeter is a very practical tool when trying to check if the ignition coil for your Lexus Rx350 is still working properly. The multi-meter is also known as a multitester, and is basically used to test a variety of mechanisms that make use of electricity. If the multimeter results indicated go beyond the normal range, then this means your Lexus Rx350's ignition coils are absolutely in need of a replacement.

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