Your car's ignition coil is responsible for transmitting power coming from the main power source into the spark plugs to be able to start your Land Rover. If your Land Rover ignition coil malfunctions, you'll have to deal with lots of possible car trouble, ranging from an engine that stalls to black exhaust gas.

This component is manufactured to endure regular exposure to electric current. Several tell-tale signs will start to show when your car's ignition wire malfunctions, which includes decline in mileage, an auto engine that sputters, and a car exhaust that backfires. The only definitive way to figure out if the coil for your auto is the culprit behind these problems is to use a multitester. The multimeter is also known as a multitester, and is basically used to test a variety of contraptions that use electricity. You'll know that something is wrong with your Land Rover's ignition coils if the multi-tester results display a measurement that is not within the normal range.

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