If your Kia Rio has been having start-up problems and you trace it back to the ignition coil, we will be glad to help you. Here in our catalog, a Kia Rio ignition coil is mere clicks away. Your ignition system is where it all really begins, and having dependable parts is key to a perfect driving experience. There's no excuse to have a faulty Kia Rio ignition coil, because this is vital to your ignition system's work and will determine if you'll be on your way.

Usually, a Kia Rio ignition coil breaks down due to extremely high temperatures and over-the-top voltage from fouled spark plugs and plug wires. In due time, heat from the engine bay will cause the Kia Rio ignition coil to falter, while fouled wires and plugs may also play a part.

Our Kia Rio product catalog boasts of 200 ignition coils with coil pack, canister, in-cap coil, e-core, and c-core designs, and may be purchased in singles or in sets of six or eight. Kindly enter your ride's year and model and we guarantee a perfect fit for your brand new Kia Rio ignition coil. Get killer deals on premium labels that include Standard, MSD, and Prenco when you order today, so shop now!