Your ride's ignition coil is the one that's responsible for transmitting power from the battery into the ignition plugs to be able to start your Kia. If your Kia ignition coil stops working, you will have to face a lot of possible issues, ranging from engine stalling to black exhaust gas.

The ignition coil is manufactured to withstand regular exposure to electric current. A variety of symptoms will show if your auto's ignition wire fails, which includes decline in mileage, a car engine that stalls, and an exhaust system that back-fires. The multitester is a very helpful gadget when you're trying to verify if the ignition wire is still in top working condition. Manufactured to measure the amount of voltage, current, and resistance, a multitester is what you need when tackling electrical trouble with your car. If the results shown are not within the normal range, then it means your Kia coils are definitely in need of a replacement.

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