To start the engine, it requires an ignition coil, a special wire that transfers electric current from the car battery into the spark plugs. You will have to deal with a variety of car trouble when your Jeep Cj6 ignition coil fails.

This part is made to withstand daily exposure to electricity. Several symptoms will show if your auto's coil fails, which includes decline in mileage, a car engine that misfires and stalls, and an exhaust system that back-fires. The only definitive way to determine if the ignition coil for your Jeep Cj6 is to be blamed for all these trouble is to test it with a multimeter. Built to determine the amount of voltage, electric current, and resistance, a multitester is what you need when troubleshooting electrical problems with your ride. You'll definitely know that something's really wrong with your car's ignition coils if the multi-tester results display a measurement that is not within the usual range.

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