To be able to start the engine, it needs an ignition coil, a coil that ensures a safe transfer of current from the car battery into the plugs. You'll experience a variety of car trouble if your Jaguar Xj6 ignition coil stops working.

The ignition coil is built to resist regular exposure to electricity. As time goes by however, it will fail and your auto will start to exhibit tell-tale signs; engine stalling, backfiring, engine start up problems, poor gas mileage, and misfires especially when speeding up are quite common when the ignition wire is starting to fail. To know if the ignition wire for your car is in need of a replacement, test it with a multimeter to determine if the right amount of electric current goes through this component. This gadget, also known as a multitester, is basically used to determine the amount of resistance, electric current, and voltage. If the multimeter results displayed are not within the regular range, then it means your Jaguar Xj6's ignition coils are certainly in dire need of a replacement.

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