To start the car engine, it needs an ignition coil, a coil that transfers current from the car battery into the spark plugs. You'll have to deal with various car trouble if your Jaguar Xj12 ignition coil fails.

Manufactured to deal with regular exposure to electricity, this part is made of a tough material. Over time however, it'll wear down and your auto will begin to display tell-tale signs; sputtering engine, a backfiring exhaust, engine start up failure, poor fuel economy, and misfires especially if you're speeding up are quite common once the ignition wire starts to malfunction. The multi-meter is definitely a helpful gadget if you're trying to see if the ignition coil for your Jaguar Xj12 is still working. This tool, also called as a multitester, is mainly used to determine the amount of resistance, electric current, and voltage. You will know that something's really wrong with your car's ignition coils if the multi-tester results indicate a measurement that's not within the normal range.

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