This component serves as a pathway for the current that travels from the battery into the plugs, making it an important component of your Hyundai Tiburon's ignition system. You'll encounter a variety of car problems if your Hyundai Tiburon ignition coil malfunctions.

Everytime you switch on the car engine, electricity flows through the ignition coil, exposing it to electricity on almost a daily basis, so that's why this auto part has to be manufactured from a high-grade material. Over time however, it'll fail and your auto will begin to display tell-tale signs; engine stalling, a backfiring exhaust, difficulty in starting the engine, poor fuel economy, and misfiring especially when going fast are quite common if the coil is starting to fail. To know if the ignition wire for your car is in need of a replacement, use a multimeter to determine if enough amount of electricity flows through this component. The multimeter is also known as a multitester, and is basically used to test various contraptions that make use of electricity. You will know that something's really wrong with your Hyundai Tiburon's ignition coils if the multitester results indicate a measurement that's not within the normal range.

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