The ignition coil acts as a pathway for the electricity that flows from the car battery into the plugs, making it a crucial component of your Honda Pilot's engine ignition system. You will have to deal with various car problems once your Honda Pilot ignition coil fails.

Built to tackle regular exposure to electricity, this auto part is composed of a durable material. Through time however, it'll fail and your car will begin to exhibit tell-tale signs; stalling engine, backfiring, engine start up failure, poor fuel economy, and misfires especially when you're speeding up are quite common when the coil starts to fail. Your multitester is definitely a helpful gadget if you're trying to verify if the ignition coil for your Honda Pilot is still working. Manufactured to measure voltage, current, and resistance, a multimeter is the device you need when tackling electrical trouble with your vehicle. You will know that something is wrong with your car's ignition coils if the multi-tester results indicate a measurement that isn't within the usual range.

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