Your car's ignition coil is the one that's responsible for relaying power coming from the main power source into the ignition plugs so as to start your Geo Metro. You'll experience various car problems once your Geo Metro ignition coil malfunctions.

Built to deal with regular exposure to electricity, this part is built of a tough material. Your auto's ignition coil is manufactured to tough it out but using it regularly will wear it down, and tell-tale signs that include difficulty in jumpstarting the engine, stalling engine, a decrease in gas mileage, misfiring, and back-firing exhaust will most likely indicate a worn out ignition coil. The only surefire way to determine if the ignition coil for your Geo Metro is to be blamed for these problems is to use a multi-meter. This tool, also called as a multitester, is used to measure resistance, current, and voltage. If the multimeter results displayed go beyond the regular range, then this probably means your Geo Metro coils are definitely in dire need of a replacement.

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