This part mainly serves as a path way for the electricity that flows from the car battery into the spark plugs, making it a very important part of your Ford Ranger's ignition system. If your Ford Ranger ignition coil stops working, you will have to deal with plenty of possible car trouble, ranging from engine stalling to black exhaust gas.

Manufactured to tackle lots of electricity, this auto part is composed of a sturdy material. Your Ford Ranger's ignition coil is built to tough it out but daily use will take its toll, and symptoms such as difficulty in jumpstarting the engine, engine stalling, a decline in mileage, misfiring, and a backfiring exhaust will sooner or later indicate a worn out ignition coil. To determine if the ignition coil for your Ford Ranger is in urgent need of a replacement, use a multimeter to verify if enough amount of electricity travels through this part. The multi-meter is also called a multitester, and is mainly used to test an assortment of mechanisms that use electricity. Take a look at the results; if they is beyond the normal range based on the multitester's scale, then you really need to replace your Ford Ranger's ignition coils.

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