If you've been having problems starting up your Ford Probe, and you believe it to be the ignition coil, then we're the right people for the task. Here at Parts Train, we surely have a low-cost and high-quality brand new Ford Probe ignition coil in our catalog. Your ignition system is where it all begins, and having reliable parts is key to a perfect driving experience. It's unforgiveable to have a malfunctioning Ford Probe ignition coil, because this is vital to your ignition system's functionality and will determine if you will be on your way.

A stock Ford Probe ignition coil typically wears due to high temperature, intense vibrations, and voltage overload caused by worn spark plugs. Change your broken ignition coil as soon as possible so you don't get troubled one morning when your ride does not start.

Our Ford Probe catalog features over 200 ignition coils with coil pack, canister, in-cap coil, e-core, and c-core designs, and are sold singularly or in sets of six or eight. As long as you give us the proper specs of your ride, then you shouldn't have a problem installing your replacement Ford Probe ignition coil. With amazing discounts on the biggest names in the industry that include Standard, Motorcraft, and AC Delco, you'll definitely get an unbeatable deal here-so order today!