Your ride's ignition coil is responsible for relaying power produced by the battery into the ignition plugs in order to start the engine. It is possible for your automobile engine to actually stall or to produce black exhaust gas if the Ford Escort ignition coil starts to break down.

This component is built to resist lots of exposure to electric current. Your car's ignition coil is manufactured to tough it out but regular use will definitely wear it out, and signs such as difficulty in starting the engine, stalling, a decline in fuel mileage, a misfiring engine, and back-firing exhaust will sooner or later indicate a busted ignition wire. To know if the ignition coil for your Ford Escort is in dire of a replacement, make use of a multimeter to verify if the right amount of current goes through this component. Built to determine the amount of voltage, electric current, and resistance, a multitester is what you need when tackling electrical issues with your vehicle. You'll know that there's something wrong with your car's ignition wires if the multimeter results show a measurement that isn't within the usual range.

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