For your vehicle to efficiently start and get you to places whenever you need to, your engine needs sound sparks that only top quality Fiat ignition coil can provide. This ignition part accomplishes its duty effectively with the help of the coils of wire within it which is referred to as primary and secondary windings.

The current flow creates heat that those iginiton coils ought to endure, that's the reason they're usually stuffed with oil, which keeps them cool. Irrespective of how sturdy they can be, such coils will ultimately get damaged after long years in service and once it happens, they certainly will lose their capacity to proficiently supply quality spark to the engine, therefore leading to engine missing and also stalling right after it has heated up to its working temparature, along with difficulty to start the engine. In case the said signs and symptoms are apparent, check the ignition coil of your Fiat right away and if it's actually the reason, do not be reluctant in replacing it.

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